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Latest series - Silkroad

Silkroad 04

The ancient trading route from East to West, passing through almost all of Asia. Silk and spices – the treasures of the Orient – were transported along it, but so were people and their ideas. An axis of communication between worlds. Somewhere on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, when the day ends and the journey continues.

About Godoya

Pure photography – The images in Godoya’s series are neither edited with software nor cropped or retouched. They are exactly as the camera captured them at the time of shooting.

Breathe deeply – Godoya’s series of images and videos invite you to take a break or shorten a waiting time, to relax, to meditate, and to discover.

Worldwide – The image series by Godoya have captured very special moments and moods in the most diverse places in the world. Totally unplanned and spontaneous. Born of the moment. These are magical moments in magical places.

The photographer – Peter Prestel is a filmmaker. Whenever he senses a special moment, he reaches for his camera to take a photo. This could be on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, in the temple complex of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, in a forest in South Tyrol, or beside a lake in the Scottish Highlands.

Peter Prestel | The photographer behind GODOYA

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